Youth Advisory Board

Meet our Youth Advisory Board

Our Youth Advisory Board is made up of 21 outstanding young people selected to provide input and guidance on all areas of CAP-2030’s work. Hailing from 16 countries on every continent and aged 13 to 18, they provide unique perspectives and connect us to young people’s concerns on issues including climate change, data for decision-making, racism and discrimination, and harmful commercial marketing.

Follow the YAB’s work and advocacy on these issues by searching the hashtag #CAP2030Youth.

Mischa Ali

United States of America

My name is Mischa Ali, I am 16 years old, and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I chose to be involved with CAP-2030 to be involved in the promotion of children’s health in international policy. Making a difference in the world is something I am very passionate about, which is why I am so excited to join CAP-2030! I am currently part of the Be A SHERO foundation which aids in the prevention of sex trafficking. I am on a team called Shine A Light, which provides food to the homeless, and I am a part of The National Charity League, as well as play lacrosse and mock trial. A fun fact about me is that I have travelled around the world!

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Saliqa Amin


Hi! I am Saliqa Amin from Hunza, Pakistan. I am 16 years old and reside in France. I consider myself a dedicated volunteer who believes in the power of collective action of youth. I am a youth ambassador for 1MYAC and a delegate of ferMUN. Being a self-taught dancer I take pleasure in learning new and challenging choreography!

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Paola Chavez


Paola Chavez, proudly Ecuadorian-Manabita, leader, activist, mentor in entrepreneurship, international trainer and Founder of UNIODS (The first Ecuadorian youth organization for the SDGs) since I was a child, I have dreamed of changing the world and when I created UNIODS with great leaders of my country I knew that this dream was coming true and now being part of the Youth Advisory Board of CAP-2030 I feel that it helps me to get closer to the goal of working for thousands of children who deserve to live in a better world.

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Caterina Daniel


My name is Caterina Daniel. I live in Zambia, in southern Africa. I chose to be involved with CAP-2030 because I admired CAP’s mission to involve and allow the youth to take leadership when facing global conflicts that affect children globally, as perspective is crucial to forming effective solutions. Fun Fact: I’ve received ‘action’ awards for taking the most constructive action in a 5-month Global Warming research that I carried out!

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Abhishek Maher


Hi there! I’m Abhishek – a curious person at heart with a passion for technology, philosophy, and science, with a particular love for physics! I’m always on the lookout for novel ways to create a positive impact and believe that evidence-based actions and effective altruism can change the world for the better. My focus is on promoting children’s rights, protecting their health, and leveraging science and technology to achieve these goals. I’m also a member of BiteBack2030’s national youth board, where I work on campaigns to address the harm of junk food marketing and the risks to child health, to protect the health and wellbeing of our future.

When I’m not immersed in science or advocating for social change, I enjoy shooting hoops on the basketball court, exploring the latest tech advancements, or playing my viola!

Preferred pronouns are he/him

Gloria Maloum


I am Gloria Pamela Maloum the project manager of Children for Peace, a girl-led movement operating in Cameroon and some African countries to democratize the public sphere for greater political and economic expression of children and girls in public policies and their increased and effective participation in public policies related to sustainable development goals I chose to get involved in CAP-2030 to integrate children’s health and well-being into all policies, to ensure an equitable and sustainable future, and to implement the recommendations of the WHO-UNICEF Commission by promoting children’s rights and protecting their health through science, advocacy and coalition building in Africa I am seating as child advisor at Child Right Connect and Covid under 19 children & youth NGOs to increase the number of children Human Rights Defenders and build coalitions for action for children in all sectors across Africa. I enjoy travelling , spending lovely moments with my friends

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Aashmi KC


I am Aashmi KC, a 15 year old from Kathmandu, Nepal with a keen interest on contemporary topics such as climate change, its impacts and advocating for the issue at hand. CAP-2030 looks to be the perfect platform for me to learn, grow and evolve in ways to help advocate for our future and insure that voices of the youth, the future is heard, understood and taken into consideration. CAP-2030’s aim to involve children in such burning issues is very appealing to me. I have previously volunteered alongside Sava the Children Nepal in voicing out my opinions and bringing attention of the public regarding climate change. A fun fact about me is that I can thoroughly finish a novel in a day if the story is fictional.

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Edward Lever

United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Edward! I live in Rutland, a rural county in the United Kingdom. I chose to be a part of CAP-2030 because I’m really passionate about trying to spark real change in all of the areas CAP-2030 addresses and beyond. I’m also a member of the food-system focused BiteBack 2030 group and my area’s Youth Council. I love cycling and spending time with friends!

Preferred pronouns: he/him

Eina Mohamed

United Arab Emirates

Hi, I’m Eina, a student in year 10 living in the UAE. I chose to get involved with CAP-2030 because I was drawn to the opportunity to work with other people and expedite my passion to create a brighter future for children all over the world. Outside of academics, I really enjoy figure skating, reading classics, and hope to one day pursue a career in astrophysics.

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Angelina Montini


I live in Safety Bay, in the outer suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.
I want to be involved because I care about people and about our future, and I want to help be the change that I want to see.
I live near a group of islands with some amazing wildlife, I love being at the beach and experiencing nature. I also enjoy listening to and playing music, and reading books.

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Sohaila Muradi


I am Sohaila Muradi, I live in Afghanistan, Baghlan province. I really love to be one of the member YAB because I want to support children in my turn and make the voice of those worlds unreached. I want to be a useful person in my country and my society. I just finished online courses of WHO organization that they were about health. I really enjoy from seeing and making my people happy I enjoy volunteering work I do a lot of volunteering in different organizations when I see the smile on the face of people I feel a great feeling in my heart. One fun fact about myself is that I am really emotional person, when I see some one unhappy or crying I also start I am so so emotional person.

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Rahima Nabizada


Im Rahima Nabizada. Form Afghanistan Baghlan province.
I born and raised here. I want to improve my leadership skills and use my other skills for benefits of whole world. Whatever or wherever I can do something for people I’m sure I will try my best. The most thing that I really enjoy for doing it is helping other in different ways I will use my own techniques to encourage other people who are in need and even if they give up I will start giving them challenge for improving. And other kind of techniques I’m perfect at team cooperating, and I love working together and learning form each other. One of my fun fact or I can say my differences form other people is that I will never miss anybody. Sometimes most of the people telling each other like don’t go far from me I will miss you. But unlike of that I will don’t miss anyone. Because the people and the things that I love them are always mind to be with me, theyre always in my heart and my mind and I always carrying them everywhere I go.

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Natalie Ng

Hong Kong

Hi! I’m Natalie, and I live in Hong Kong. I chose to be involved with CAP-2030 because, as a young person with a background in health, I strongly believe that young people should have a voice in policy-making surrounding our health and wellness. Some other organizations I am involved in include the Hong Kong Scoliosis Awareness Society, where I am a Youth Advocate. I enjoy reading, drawing, being creative, and getting to know other inspiring young people from all over the world!

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Chiara Nilson


My name is Chiara and I’m from Brazil. I chose being involved with CAP-2030 to represent the Brazilian youth and participate actively in changing the world for better. I am extremely passionate about studying and discussing ideas to help people, and I also love singing and writing in my spare time.

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Punyanuch Panyatara


Hi! My name is Punyanuch Panyatara and I am currently living in Thailand. I want to be a part of this organisation because living in Thailand, I have seen many people and places around me experiencing the major problems of the world but I could barely do anything to stop or solve the problems. Currently being a member of Systems Change Summit, I wish to create an impactful project on the healthcare field in the underdeveloped parts of Thailand. Therefore, I believe taking part in CAP would allow me to help out with these problems. I also hope to use my knowledge in science to be applied to parts of the project as well.


Preferred pronouns: she/her

Aadi Sardesai


I believe CAP 2030’s inclusion of children in policy is an essential endeavour to ensure that we have democratic and sustainable outcomes. CAP 2030 and The YAB give an opportunity to those who will inherit the Earth a chance to shape how it will look. I love to cook in my spare time

Preferred pronouns: he/him

Claire Wai

Hong Kong

Hi all! I’m a 16-year-old student born and raised in Hong Kong, but currently at school in the UK, with a unique understanding of both countries and cultures. I truly resonate with CAP-2030’s work, especially on children’s health, as they often lack an advocating voice against capitalistic and corruptly-driven incentives; from big businesses to governments, from advertisements to narratives. My role as a passionate youth advocate for disability rights has also helped me understand the prevalence of systemically disadvantageous societal structures. A fun fact about me is that my friends often argue whether my accent is British, American, or neither!

Preferred pronouns: she/her

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