‘Transforming Child Health Through Policy’ CAP-2030 Youth Advisory Board at the Learning Planet Festival 2024

“Showcasing transformational actions to policy makers to improve child health and wellbeing!” 

CAP-2030 session recording at Learning Planet Festival 2023

Click on the link to watch the session in full

On the 25 January 2024, the CAP-2030 Youth Advisory Board  joined other young changemakers from around the world, at the Learning Planet Festival, to share their exciting ideas about ‘Transforming Child Health Through Policy’.

Aadi [Age 18, India] believes that “Children are the solution” and proposed a child centred, preventative, healthcare program to tackle vector borne diseases such as Malaria and Dengue.  Click here to watch Aadi’s video 

Natalie [Age 18, Hong Kong] brought attention to the issue of scoliosis and proposed a 3 step solution framework aimed at increasing awareness of the disease, “ensuring universal access to preventative healthcare services for all, regardless of socioeconomic status” and promoting health education in schools. 

Peak [Age 16, Thailand] presented her comprehensive, policy ideas to create lifelong, healthy lifestyle habits for children including mandatory physical activity in schools, healthy meal plans and universal healthcare for all. “Creating a healthy lifestyle for the children now would most likely result in healthy lifestyle habits in the future” .

Komari [Age 17, Japan] shared her personal experiences with the issue of adolescent mental health and offered thoughtful solutions to be applied in schools  “De-stigmatisation must happen as soon as possible! Teachers must be equipped to be more accepting and supportive towards students and direct them to appropriate mental health services”  

Talking passionately, Saliqa [Age 16, Pakistan/France] acknowledged that “Breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty extends beyond structural interventions” and proposed an innovative approach to improve educational opportunities for financially disadvantaged students, using technology. Click here to watch Saliqa’s video 

Click to watch the session in full and find out what the YAB had to say about the importance of involving youth voices in the policy making process and their advice on how to get involved. 

Which child health and well-being issues do you think policy makers should prioritise? 

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