Child Health and Well-Being Dashboard

Making data available to improve child and adolescent well-being and health

This dashboard, developed by WHO, UNICEF and CAP 2030, allows policymakers, governments and organisations to easily monitor and compare a selection of indicators by region, country, age group, domain and income. The dashboard is developed in support of the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

See instructions on how to use the dashboard at the bottom of the page.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on the dashboard’s function and utility.
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Instructions on how to use the dashboard

A quick tour of the dashboard and data

In each age group, data is shown for one indicator per domain (Development, Participation, Protection, Survival). Scroll to the right to see more age data and contextual indicators.

How to use the control panel to sort and view the data you want

Each data point Is colour-coded for a quick view of the threshold it represents. You can hover over the points for more detail, and click on the “With Numbers” button to see values.

Additional tools for viewing and downloading data

Use the filters and buttons on the left to view specific countries/age groups and organise data by global, regional, or income groups. Click the “Colour-blind friendly: button to change the colour palette for accessibility.