A National Level Conference to Help Place Children at the Centre of Ghana’s Sustainable Development Goals

On September 14 and 15, 2021, the Center for Learning and Childhood Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, WHO, Lancet, University College of London, World Vision, Plan International, Child Rights International, National Development Planning Commission, and the Early Childhood Network will host a national level conference to mobilize stakeholders to create a roadmap for placing children at the center of all policies.

The CAP 2030 Conference aims to advocate for all major government sectors to include children in all their policies at the local and national levels. It also seeks to amplify children’s voices in decision-making in the country. All children deserve a chance to survive, thrive, learn, live in safe and healthy environments, and live free of violence. These aspirations require all sectors to do their part to create a better future for Ghanaian children. Hence, the conference seeks to create a powerful advocacy movement for children’s current and future well-being.

Bringing together national organizations

The conference will bring together several organizations across the country including government and non-government organizations, donor agencies, foreign embassies, parent associations, teacher associations, and the media.

Day 1

The first day of the conference will be virtual and will allow stakeholders to become familiar with the “Children + SDG 2030” movement.

Day 2

The second day is an in person sector specific working conference. The Center conducted an in-depth document analysis of all the current sector medium term development plans submitted to the National Development Planning Commission. At the sector specific conference, we will work with the various sectors based on individual data to encourage changes and improvements.

Additionally, we will encourage sectors to work together based on similarities in existing policies, or lack thereof, to place children at the center of SDGs, outline a national-level advocacy and mobilization agenda and create a roadmap to achieve and sustain success.

Join us as we give children a platform to use their voices. To participate in the conference visit www.clcdghana.org to register.