“We build coalitions for children across sectors” CAP-2030 publishes its ambitious goals for children in the Lancet

CAP-2030’s Executive Director Dr Sarah Dalglish and co-authors Rt. Hon Helen Clark, Dr Awa Coll-Seck and Dr Anthony Costello outline why CAP-2030 has been set up to implement the recommendations of the seminal Commission “A Future for the World’s Children?” in a new Comment published on the year anniversary.

The Comment sets out three core objectives of Children in All Policies 2030 and the focus countries for action:

  1. Build coalitions for children across sectors, beginning in Argentina, France, Ghana, India, Nepal, Pacific Island countries, Senegal, Sweden, and South Africa, with further countries planned.
  2. Advance action on the global climate crisis by centring children’s perspectives and harnessing their voices to drive action by national and global policy makers.
  3. Address the problems associated with commercial marketing and advance understanding of this key area for improving children’s health and wellbeing

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“Together with the global health community, governments, communities, and young people themselves, we can usher in this brighter future.”
(Dalglish et al, 2021)