New webinar series: Exposing formula milk industry tactics

For decades, the formula milk industry has aggressively marketed their products – despite the negative impact on child and maternal health and human rights, and despite an International Code agreed by all countries to restrict this marketing.

Formula milk companies don’t just target parents. They also systematically target the people parents often trust most – their health professionals – to influence their beliefs, training and advice.

Join WHO, The BMJ, PMNCH and CAP-2030 for a webinar series that will expose industry tactics to influence health professionals. Webinar 1 will hear from health professionals about their experiences of this marketing and ideas for how to counter it. Webinar 2 will explore the role of health professional association

Webinar 1: An unhealthy influence on health professionals?
Thursday 8 September 2022
2:00-3:15pm BST (London)
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Webinar 2: Should health professional associations refuse industry funding?
Thursday 29 September 2022
2:00-3:15pm BST (London)
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Photocredit: Lucy Wolski on Unsplash