New Policy Brief: Youth voices on harmful commercial marketing

Children around the world are enormously exposed to advertising and marketing that exploits their development vulnerability while creating massive profits for private corporations. According to one estimate, by the time a child reaches age 13, online advertising firms have collected an average of 72 million data points on them.

While policymakers are starting to understand the extent of the problem, governments not sufficiently regulating the marketing of products that harm children and adolescents’ growth and development – nor the use of children’s data and images without their knowledge and permission.

Children and youths are aware of these issues – and are able to help analyse the problem and propose policy solutions! CAP-2030 has a new policy brief featuring the voices of children and young people to share their views on these issues.

Nathalie, Daria, Komari and Claire are four engaged young people who spoke to CAP-2030 and KIDSforSDGs as part of the fourth #LearningPlanet Festival. This policy brief is part of CAP-2030’s ongoing work on the important emerging issue of harmful commercial marketing to children.

CAP-2030 Policy Brief on Youth Voices on Harmful Commercial Marketing


CAP-2030 Anthony Costello seated on stage with a microphone